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Patience and inspiration.

The Tura Winery is located on a family estate (estate winery) and is one of Israel’s most professional boutique wineries. The winery was opened by Vered and Erez Ben-Saadon in 2003 in the village of Rehelim. The grapes used for making the wine are grown in the Bracha village in Samaria, 850 meters above sea level, in a climate that is optimal for first-class wine grape varieties. The range of wines are made with love, perseverance and patience: they are full-bodied wines, characterized by a richness of fruit flavors, which reach the market after a long aging period in the cellars of the winery.

The Vineyard

Much attention is now being paid to the type of soil in the vineyard, the angle of incidence of sunlight, wind direction and strength, climate and microclimate, the location of the vineyard above sea level, and the impact of all these parameters on grapes and wines. The higher the trees are, the lower the air temperature and the more intense the influence of the sun’s rays. For the most part, vineyards are established at an altitude not exceeding 1,000 meters above sea level – above this mark, the cold has a negative effect on grape ripening.

The Vinyards of the Tura winery are among the highest quality vineyards in Israel. They are characterized by a unique and rare trouar, as well as an ideal climate. The combination of these conditions is ensured by the location of the vineyard in a mountainous area, at an altitude of 850 meters, which is open to the west winds. The fog that envelops the vineyard until the late morning hours, the local climate (16 degrees on a summer night combined with 98% humidity, -4 degrees in winter, sometimes with snow) and the rocky terra rossa soil provide an unparalleled quality that has become a household name both in Samaria and in all of Israel. It is the difference in temperature, which occurs at high altitude, that produces the desired effect: the taste of the berries becomes more intense, the aroma and the coloration intensify, which affects the quality of the wines and allows for a whole bouquet of accentuated flavors.

The first vineyards in Bracha Vered and Erez Ben-Saadon were planted in 1997. In the first phase, 20 square kilometers of land were used. The creation of the vineyards continues to this day. Collectively, the Tura winery owns 560 square kilometers of vineyards with Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Shiraz, Petit Verdot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gewürztraminer and Viognier varieties.


Vered and Erez Ben-Saadon studied the art of winemaking at Tel-Hai College and the Ariel University. In 2003, after purchasing professional equipment, they established the Tura Winery in the village of Rechelim, which is located in Samaria. During the first year of operation, 1,200 bottles were produced, followed by 2,800 bottles. Last summer, the Tura winery produced 100,000 bottles. The winery operates a visitor center that can accommodate up to 55 people. Admission is paid, by pre-registration. The winery’s products have kosher certificates issued by the OU, Rabbi Unger, BADATz Beit Yosef and Rabbi Daniel Shershavsky of the village of Rehelim.

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